Catholic Charities of Tompkins and Tioga has found a new place to call home after spending the last 12 years operating out of the old Nichols Elementary School building.

The relocation was initially considered due to a rent hike at the former location, but the change is one that has been welcomed by staff.

Catholic Charities of Tompkins and Tioga Executive Director Renee Spear said, "So to actually make that decision to finally move and all the prep work to get this ready and get everything moved here, it was exhausting, but it definitely has been beneficial for us. We have absolutely fabulous landlords here that have worked with us and they helped us to get this all put together."

Catholic Charities provides a multitude of services including help with housing, employment, food insecurity, and youth services.

Having served over 3,000 people just last year, they were happy to be able to move buildings but keep their offices in town.

Development Assistant Michelle Mclaren said, "This is a huge part of Tioga County and where we're located right in the middle of the county, pretty much it provides support and resources for a lot of people who don't have the means to travel."

Spear added, "I think if we left, that would have been a real hardship for the residents."

The new location at 932 West River Road has many of the usual services but it no longer has a clothing boutique and it now has help from the Nichols Fire Department to provide hot meals to its clients.

As for how long they plan to stay in the new location, Spear said, "We signed a two-year one(lease) to start with and see how everything goes. But I'm pretty confident that we'll have a good relationship with the landlord and I don't think there should be any issues."

Catholic Charities of Tompkins Tioga will be open for business as usual from Tuesday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m., and again from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.