On Friday, July 5, Cones Ice Cream is hosting a fundraiser for the Presto family. 

Earlier this Summer, on June 14, AJ suffered a spinal cord injury after a serious swimming accident.

In order to help the Presto family through this hard time, a friend of AJ's came up with the idea for the fundraiser at Cones. 

Madison Hubenthal, a friend and classmate of AJ's, got the ball rolling for the fundraiser when she asked her manager at Cones if they could do anything to help.

From 5 P.M. to 9 P.M., 20 percent of all proceeds will go to the Presto family.

There will also be a variety of raffles like a Nintendo Switch, Rumble Ponies tickets, Suzy Q's gift packs, and various raffle baskets. 

"He's so strong. If anyone can get through this, I know it will be him. He's everyone's friend. He's that guy that is just nice to everyone. And you know, he's always there for everyone else. So I think it's our time to be there for A.J." said Hubenthal. 

For more information on the fundraiser you can visit the Facebook page by clicking here

Cones is located at 63 State Route 369 in Port Crane.