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100 years ago today, Binghamton is expected to have a safe and sane Fourth of July this year. There will be no elaborate fireworks display, and officers will be on the lookout for obnoxious use of noisemakers.

Several people from this area are traveling to Montrose tomorrow, to celebrate that city’s 100th anniversary.

The dedication and formal opening of the new George F. Johnson School at West Endicott is all set for July 14th.

322 people were arrested in Binghamton last month, and despite Prohibition, most of the arrests were for intoxication.

Members of the Ku Klux Klan have been arriving in Binghamton today to attend the 3-day event at Stow Park. Tomorrow they will hold a parade through town.

Finally, a Spaulding Bakery truck collided with a parked car this morning on Washington Avenue in Endicott. There were no injuries, but the street was littered with molasses cookies.

And that was the news 100 years ago.