The village Endicott's ideal senior living center just got a little more homey. 

Three vestal Girl Scouts, Shruthi Poranki, Ariyana Veribitskiy, and Vivienne Juriga came together and built a flower garden. 

The garden is located in the courtyard of the building.

"We were searching around like places to put a garden, because that was our original idea. And then we saw this place and it looked it looked good at first, but like, it seemed, it could use like a little more help and like it could. And there wasn't anyone outside. So we wanted to make the space more full and more filled with like a community." Said Vivienne Juriga one of the three girls who was awarded.

The scouts spent over 50 hours working on the project from start to finish, completely independently.

The project cost over 700 dollars and was funded from bottle returns, with additional group funding from the Girl Scouts troop.

The Girl Scouts won the silver award for their work, which is the highest honor a Girl Scout cadet can receive.