After five years of planning and two and a half years of construction, the new UHS Wilson Tower is now, officially, open. 

Serving as the new front door of the Johnson City campus, access to the center will be streamlined. 

Today, the emergency and trauma center opened and yesterday, the first patient care unit was moved.

This is the first phase of the opening; UHS plans to open three more patient care units by the end of the year.

"People love privacy, particularly coming out of the pandemic for the emergency department at the trauma center. Our patient care rooms privacy is so important and the feedback we've gotten has been overwhelmingly positive, so far," said UHS President and CEO, John Carrigg. 

UHS had patient escorts helping people navigate the new building.

There is also valet parking now available. 

The new tower also features a brand-new MRI suite and helipad. 

The Baldwin Street entrance to Wilson is closed to patients and visitors beginning today.