Teenagers and young adults from Broome County have the opportunity to serve on the governor's Youth Council.

The Broome County Department of Parks, Recreation, and Youth Services is seeking one youth between the age of 13 and 21 to represent the county to be on the council. One person from each county will be selected. Those selected will then have the opportunity to advise Governor Hochul, state, and local policymakers on issues facing young people and how to solve them.

The state is accepting applications from now until July 12th. Part of the application includes an essay and a video that will be submitted through an online portal. The Broome County Youth Bureau has a selection committee that will judge and choose the top three candidates to recommend to the state. The state will then select the lone candidate from Broome County.

Candidates who select the above link will see that it says the submission period closed in May. The county Youth Bureau says the NYS Office of Children and Family Services did not update the acceptance date, but the July 12th deadline remains correct. Interested applicants have three weeks to send in their applications.

Once all candidates are selected, they will meet in Albany for orientation and training, and then form regional groups to focus on specific policy issues.