To celebrate Father's Day, locals took part in fun activities all throughout the Southern Tier.

From eating Barbecue to teeing off at the Mini Golf course, there was something for everyone in the region.

A local favorite was CKster's Fun Park, who welcomed Fathers today by offering them a free round of mini golf and a free scoop of ice cream.

With this offer, the fun park was consistently jammed with golfers all afternoon.

While a surge was expected regardless for the holiday, staff told me the promotion was the perfect way to give back.

"They'd probably come in and golf anyways," said general manager Spencer Jackson. "But we might as well embrace Father's Day, and appreciate them for what they do for their families and everyone. So we just kind of encourage that they bring the family along as well."

"And like you said, what father doesn't like golf?," added shift supervisor Colin Smith.

Meanwhile in Nichols, families were welcomed to share a meal at the fire department.

All afternoon, volunteers provided pulled pork sandwiches and sides to locals while raising money to support the station.

Aside from being a great way to spend the holiday, Patti Westfall of the department said it also is a big help to families.

"We're not a big community," Westfall said.  "We're in a rural area. So it's very hard for people to get to places to eat with their families. A lot of places aren't open on Sunday, so that helps, but it also just gives them a cool place to come, already prepared food and all they have to do is eat and enjoy."