Mother Nature ensured Strawberry Fest's success today.

"The last couple of years, we had kind of questionable weather," said Festival Chairman Wendy Post. "So I'm really happy. We have great weather today."

It all starts with a parade of over 60 community groups marching to entertain their friends and loved ones. In all shapes and sizes.

"Put some horses in the parade," post said. "So I was really, really thrilled when I found out [Allerage Farm and Windy Pond Farm] was putting some horses and it was spectacular."

Once the parade is done, you can head into the festival proper, enjoy some live music and visit some vendors.

I make primitive dolls and cats and these lovely lady pillows," said vendor Mary Price.

Mary's had a spot at nearly every fest, with her and her dolls watching the event blossom from the street. And Mary says the secret to strawberry fest's success is the people.

"You see people from your high school and people who you haven't seen in years," Price said. "It's it's a great thing,"

But of course you can't forget the headliner, the strawberries! And if you were in the mood for Shortcake Saturday, then then the Owego Rotary Club has you covered.

"We average about 1000 shortcakes in a season, so 500 in the two days that we do this," said Rotary President-Elect Scott Macdonald.

Yet despite the twenty thousand people in the crowd and the countless shortcakes made, Macdonald still knows his regulars.

"You can walk down the street almost any time of the day or year and people say, 'how are you?'," Macdonald said. "It's the beauty of a small town. So yes, we have lots and lots of regulars."

Because in the end, no matter the numbers that flood the streets, strawberry fest is a place where old friends can meet and locals can be Tioga Strong.

"And the daiquiris are pretty good," added Price.