This weeks teacher of the week is Special Education Aide Amy Hopkins from Owego Free Academy, teacher of the week is sponsored by Springbrook.

"I absolutely love what I do," said Hopkins. "I love being here with them and it brings me back every day.

Hopkins previously worked in the medical field and realized that she wanted to go back and help students in high school.

"When I saw the opportunity to become part of this group I took it," said Hopkins. "Ever since I have loved being here".

The special education aide is now in her eighth year, Hopkins says that the most rewarding experiences are continuing to learn both from her fellow educators as well as her student Ethan who has been with Hopkins for the past five years.

"They help inspire you every day and you are learning something new from them," said Hopkins. "He (Ethan) inspires me to keep coming back every day".

As for Ethan, Hopkins says she continues to see him grow day by day and subject by subject With that growth the duo will work together learning the new curriculum as a team.

"It takes both of us," said Hopkins. "We are learning has just been a good rapport and just learning the subjects and everything together all over with him again is a really cool experience".

An experience where Hopkins says she hopes to see Ethan walk across the stage in the upcoming years to cap off a bond that will never be broken.