A student at George F. Johnson Elementary was recognized by Village of Endicott Mayor Nick Burlingame for her work to improve a local park. 

Brynley and Lorenzo Mancini are siblings.

During Earth Day back in April, they learned about how they can help the environment. They took the lesson they learned in school and applied it outside of the classroom, picking up trash at Ted Testa Park. 

"I think that a lot of it goes back to the school community that we're trying to create here and all of the adults that are working together to really have children, be individuals and take pride in what they do," said GFJ principal Mary Kay Ryan. "They're not just they're learning, but who they are outside in the community, too."

Mayor Burlingame heard about it and they were honored today at a school assembly. 

"I think it's incredible that students are learning this in an elementary setting. The importance of keeping our community clean, our earth clean, protecting our planet because we only have one. So that I think it's just awesome," he said. 

This is now a weekly tradition for Brynley and Lorenzo.