The Ithaca physics bus visits Owego Elementary School today to show the kids that science can be fun.

The physics bus utilizes up-cycled appliances and DIY creations to showcase unique phenomena in physics.

Over the past two days, K-5 students have all had the chance to explore the over 30 activities on the bus and learn more about how they each work.

The bus currently goes around to eight schools, showing kids just how magical science can be.

"I love to tinker, I love to build things, but I love watching people experience it, you know, and like the smiles on their faces. So that's a real joy to me. I love physics and when I see kids enjoying it too, it just makes it new and fresh again," said Physics Bus Co-Director Erik Herman.

If you are interested in learning more about the bus, you can go to the Ithaca Physics Bus website here.