To help celebrate 75 years of Arc New York, teams from ACHIEVE are taking to the community all throughout the week to give back. 

This initiative brought ACHIEVE's Broome Community Habitation Team to Ross Park Zoo today, where volunteers thoroughly cleaned the zoo's benches and displays.

Achieve works throughout the southern tier to improve the quality of life of locals with disabilities.

With strong community support empowering the organization, Mackenzie Cafferty, the family support services manager for achieve, explained how today helped to return the favor.

"We really try to get our name out into the community because we are a community based program. We don't have a site that we work out of," Cafferty said. "So a lot of the times all of our individuals within ACHIEVE are doing volunteer acts out in the community. So it's really nice to be able to all get together to do something."

ACHIEVE will continue this initiative this coming Thursday by paying a visit to the Broome County Humane Society.