The list of performers for the 2024 Summer Concert Series in Endicott has been released.

The first performance will be on Thursday, June 13th. All concerts will be held at the George W. Johnson Park and will begin at 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

Below is the schedule:


  • 13th: Nino Samiani & Mark Blackwell, featuring Khala Hurd (6:30)
  • 20th: Ryan Wilson (Oldies & Country)
  • 27th: Matthew Beach


  • 10th: Matthew Cornwell (Easy Listening)
  • 11th: Bass and Brown (Easy Listening)
  • 18th Highway Fruit Market
  • 19th: Celtic Charm
  • 24th: U-E Community Band
  • 25th: Ralph Muro (American Song Book) 
  • 30th: U-E Community Band
  • 31st: Ain't Misbehaven (Big Band/Polka)


  • 1st: Brother's & Friends (6:30)
  • 8th: Vestal Community Band (6:30)
  • 13th-17th: EPAC's Shakespeare in the Park (7)
  • 18th: EPAC's Shakespeare Festival at George W. Johnson Park (12-4)
  • 22nd: Donnie Miller (6)
  • 28th: The Yada Yadas (6)
  • 29th: Messy Truth (6)
  • 30th: GUSTO! Italian Festival (5-9)
  • 31st: Mass on the Grass (Hosted by St. Anthony's)