Voters turned out to determine the future budgets of school districts in the Southern Tier Tuesday night.

In the Union Endicott District, voters passed the '24-'25 budget 1322-384. The budget for next year will be $105,028,393, which is $5.6 million more than this year. They also approved the purchase of three 65-passenger buses and two 42-passenger buses at a cost of no more than $848,000 by a vote of 1283-414. They also authorized the board to purchase property, 1351 Union Center Highway, Endicott, which is next to AGM Elementary at a price of no more than $347,500. Finally, Dick Testa retained his seat on the board of education with 762 votes, beating out contenders Maria Fronek and Nathan Hanzalik. This is a five-year term for Testa.

Voters in the Susquehanna Valley district passed the budget for next year 300-52. The bus purchase proposition was also passed 321-51. Finally, Ryan Remza, Timothy Strnatka, and Annie Bensley were all elected to three-year terms on the school board.

The budget for the Sherburne-Earlville '24-'25 school year passed 158-29. The Capital Reserve Fund proposition passed 159-28. Finally, Debra Kurtz, William Tyrrell, Jr., Ethan Johnson, and Kerry Simmons were all voted to the school board.

The Sidney Central School District's $32,071,491 budget for '24-'25 was approved 88-23. Anna Banks and Thomas Hoskins were re-elected to the school board. Finally, the budget for the Sidney Memorial Public was passed 95-16. Ann Zieno was elected to the board over Janice Vitek. The library budget is mandated to be on the ballot, but is not part of the district budget.

In the Harpursville district, the budget passed 125-22. The bus proposition passed 119-27. Nicole Weist and Nicole Robertson were elected to 5-year terms on the school board, beginning July 1st.
Vestal voters approved the $90,856,822 budget 822-362. They also approved the bus purchase proposition 781-401. Amanda Atkinson, Eric LaClair, and Chadwin Smith were all elected to the school board. The Vestal Library budget was approved 867-306, and Mary Anne Karre, Lisa Blackwell, and Dianne Cappiello were all selected as library trustees.
The Whitney Point budget was passed 158-98. The school vehicle proposition was passed 172-84. Stephanie Champney, Benny Hodkinson, and Aubrey Nawrocki were elected to the school board.
The Afton budget passed 146-91. The bus resolution passed 132-105. Nicki Andrews was voted to a 5-year term on the school board.
Walton's $25,039,763 budget passed 216-84. Voters also approved the purchase of three new buses at a cost of no more than $510,000 by a vote of 214-83. Tammie H. Tweedie and Jacob T. Davies were elected to the school board. Finally, the William B. Ogden Free Library budget passed 185-112. This was voted on by state law, but is not part of the district budget.
The $57,879,272 budget for Owego-Apalachin was approved 758-342. The budget had a tax levy increase of 1.99 percent. Voters approved the purchase of five school buses 811-287. The Capital Project of $28.5 million was approved 750-348. Additional taxpayer funding for the Apalachin Public Library was approved 772-321 and for the Coburn Free Library was approved 768-326. Finally, Nora Schumacher and John Crawford were elected to the school board.

Maine-Endwell's $72,635,076 budget was passed 381-138. Voters approved the purchase of 6 diesel buses at a cost of no more than $1,040,000 by a margin of 404-114. Finally, Michael Chudacik, Lynn Ross, and Melinda Spooner were all elected to the school board.

The Chenango Forks budget was passed 166-75. The bus proposition was passed 167-74. Lynn Lockwood was elected to the Board of Education.

In the Marathon district, the budget for next year passed 270-64. The diesel bus proposition passed 272-63. The technology and equipment reserve passed 268-61. Finally, Justin Lilley and Floyd Parker were elected to the school board, with 281 votes and 242 votes respectively.

In the Chenango Valley district, the $49,529,645 budget with a 2.94 percent tax levy increase was passed 281-71. The electric bus bond proposition was passed 212-144, while the diesel bus bond proposition passed 272-82. The Fenton Free Library Levy proposition was passed 286-70. Finally, Shaun Boorom was re-elected to the school board with 308 votes, while Carl Winter was also elected to the board with 302 votes. These are four-year terms.

The Johnson City Central School District $72.5 million budget was passed with a vote of 324-188. Voters approved the Proposition to purchase one 57-passenger wheelchair-accessible bus and two 66-passenger electric buses with a vote of 314-202. Finally, board members Matthew Jablonowski and Shannon Edmondson ran unopposed to fill two open 5-year term board seats.

Voters approved the 2024-25 Windsor CSD budget by a vote of 296-92. Margo Kibbler was re-elected and Megan Waldron-Carroll was elected to the Windsor CSD Board of Education.
In the Greene district, the $32,084,906 budget was passed 111-68. Two buses, one van, and one SUV to be purchased at a cost of no more than $413,182 was approved 127-51. Finally, Brian Milk and Sherwood Fendryk were the two-highest vote-receivers for the Board of Education. Because of this, they will fill the two expiring board seats, which are for three-year terms from 2024-2027. Christopher Austin received the third-highest number of votes. He will be filling the vacancy created by the resignation of Seth Barrows. Austin's term will last from May 2024 through June 30, 2025.