For over 15 years the american red cross has honored people that save the life of another or have a positive effect on their community.

This year 24 people are recognized throughout 12 categories for their ability to step in at the time of need. 

"They really embody with the Red Cross stands for preventing and alleviating human suffering. And as you'll hear from our heroes every year, almost all of them will say, I didn't do anything anybody else would have done. I don't want to be called a hero. I'm not looking for recognition," said Zachariah Riley, Executive Director of the American Red Cross Southern Tier Chapter.

This rings true for a humble Derek Waddell, who says he was never looking for recognition.

"At that time was just thinking, you know, I just wanted to save him for his family. So to get any sort of recognition for something that I would have done for anybody like it just seemed weird," said Military Award Recipient Derek Waddell.

Waddell received the military award for saving his friend who attempted to take his own life. 

His friend is a veteran who was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Waddell adds, " I just... I'm thankful my buddy's still here. His three kids and his wife get to enjoy him still. He has severe PTSD and traumatic brain injury. So he you know, he's got his own struggles. But, you know, I'm still I'm thankful that he's he's still with us here today."

These inspiring stories were heard throughout the morning. 

Kids recognized for saving their families from a fire, a man who helped save the life of a premature infant with CPR, and even a retired firefighter who helped save a family whose car went off a ravine.

All people who help set an example of what it means, to do what you can, when you get the chance.

"I think it's great to shine the light on them. I think they deserve it. Like Derrick put it best, like answer the call, you know, like, just go for it, don't think about it. And if something needs to be done or someone needs help, just do it" said Jacob McAvoy, General Manager of Simmons Rockwell, one of the sponsors for the event.