Calling all pet owners!

Local cider company New Leaf is partnering with the animal care sanctuary for the launch of the second chance cider fundraiser.

The fundraiser is taking place in the form of a contest, calling on pet owners nationwide to enter a photo of their cat or dog for a chance to be featured on a cider can for a year.

Entries ask for a $10 donation, and to vote on an entry it will be $5 donation.

The contest starts on May 20 and the deadline for entries is July 19.

Proceeds go directly to the animal care sanctuary to help them continue to provide quality care to local pets.

"It's really fun to collaborate with other local businesses and help raise awareness for things that people might not know what's going on, especially New Leaf being new to the area and the building is new. It's kind of fun that this is our first year doing this, this is their first year in business at this location. So we're kind of like kicking it off together," said Animal Care Sanctuary Communications and Event Coordinator Sami Wyatt.

The winner will be announced on August 3 during the launch event at New Leaf.

If you would like more information on how to sign up, you can go to the Animal Care Sanctuary website if you click here.