After getting our first 7brew location less than a year ago, a second 7brew location is expected to be coming to Broome County. 

The new 7brew will be located near the Lowes on Upper Front Street, following the same format as the first one being drive-thru only and offering the same variety of drinks.

Following the success of the one on the Vestal Parkway, franchisee Keli Oven says it was only a matter of time before they expanded.

"We had to have success in our first location before we would open a second one. We've been so well-received by Vestal and Broome County in general, and we already have a pretty good customer base that comes from that direction anyway," says Vestal Parkway 7Brew Owner/Operator Keli Oven.

Pending approval for zoning we could expect to see the new location by the end of this year.