There was a multicultural march through Binghamton today.

"We are celebrating all the nations that we represent here at the American Civic Association, diversity, culture and races," said Laila Hernandez, deputy director for the American Civic Association.

Led by the American Civic Association, the day began at city hall where Binghamton mayor Jared Kraham helped kick off the annual All Nations Celebration.

"Today, we celebrate Binghamton's history as a welcoming community made better by the people who have come here from countries around the world and generously shared their values and customs," Kraham said.

Then it was time for the parade, where the participants marched back toward the ACA's main building for more events, waving their home country's flags high all the way.

"When all the nations and all the people and the groups and the families and individuals come out, it makes us so happy to know that we're doing our job and we're doing it well enough for people to come here and to celebrate again," Hernandez said.

And the festivities only continued at the ACANew York City, with more thanks given by local officials before everyone dove into a diverse smörgåsbord of culinary adventure with accompanying performances.

"After coming up for college from new york city, I chose to stay in this place because of all of you/ because of the way we honor different cultures," said Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo.

But at the true heart of the event was the safe space to share pride for one's home, a message especially important for the youngest among the marchers.

"It makes me really happy to see little children with their flags just representing their country and being proud of who they are," Hernandez said.

And that pride will only carry on no matter the day of the year.