The Vision's Veterans Memorial Arena in downtown Binghamton was home to a sold-out crowd for Game 3 of the Commissioner's Cup. But for the players, there's one that's a living legend.

"Two years ago, me and this team just clicked. We do everything together and it's it's just fun and the guys love it," Binghamton Black Bears Superfan Derek Swislosky said. 

Swislosky is just one of the guys when it comes to the Black Bears, earning himself the nickname "Legend".

After meeting the team as a season ticket holder in 2021, "Legend's" relationship with them has only grown, from bowling every Tuesday and even going to every practice.

"This team is awesome. I have their backs all the way. 110%," Swislosky said. "I got the coaches back. I got the front office's back."

Legend has shown that loyalty at each and every game, traveling all the way to Detroit this season to watch his favorite team. Swislosky says win or lose, this season is something he will never forget.

"It will make this city the best. We will always be hockey town and that will never change," Swislosky said. 

The 2023-2024 Binghamton Black Bears season was a truly legendary one for a legendary fan.