Binghamton Police say they're investigating a case of animal cruelty in the city.

The Binghamton Police Department says they were alerted about a case of animal cruelty in the City of Binghamton on May 3rd.

The department says a total of 13 dogs were discovered at the undisclosed location.

The dogs are mixed breed and range in age from juvenile to adult. 

All of the dogs were found to be emaciated and malnourished and left in cages without food or water.

The Broome County Humane Society is housing the dogs and helping with rehabilitation.

"We all just jump in, do what we need to do at the moment, and then when we get home, we're all just like, what in the world just happened? It is a horrible thing that anybody would do to any living animal so it's hard but, you know, everybody comes back the next day because we all know that there's more that need help," said Broome County Humane Society Executive Director Karen Matson.

All of the dogs were found to be friendly and some are currently up for adoption.

You can find more details on the Humane Society website.