Renee Radick started her professional life in finance before taking an interest in teaching.

She started at Chenango Valley four years ago, initially starting as a sub before finding her place as an English language arts and math lab teacher.

"It's a place where we get to put your hair down and kind of get into groups and work with your peers and work on studies that they're required to have by the end of sixth grade," says Radick.

Helping students solve problems, work efficiently with their peers, and better understand some of their core subjects are just a few things they do in the classroom.

Radick is passionate about working with sixth graders because she gets to help them navigate as they take on their first year in middle school.

Radick says, "We try every avenue to get them to get to the end of the line and be successful and make them and instill in them the confidence to believe in themselves and that they can achieve the goals, and that they're going to go on to seventh graders as better humans."

Radick said she's motivated by student success, knowing that her job is crucial in helping students succeed in the classroom.

"I think that seeing the light bulb go on with the students is a huge reward and just seeing the smile on their face and knowing that you know, I got this and you did help me out and it was a positive situation," said Radick.