The oral arguments were submitted regarding an appeal by the Binghamton plaza pertaining to the city council vote in May of 2023 to give the city eminent domain over the property.

The attorney for the Binghamton plaza had two main arguments, one stating the eminent domain did not serve a conceivable public purpose, and the other raised questions about whether the city complied with environmental regulations during its property review, given the potential risks of development in an area that was previously a landfill.

According to the city attorney, the eminent domain does serve a public purpose, referencing the plans to demolish a portion or all of the plaza to create more uses for the space.

This includes more green space near Cheri Lindsay Park, better access to the river, a new playground, and room for new commercial development.

The city also countered claims of improper environmental review citing an investigation that determined any potential environmental impacts presented no serious concern or harmful outcomes.

Attorneys representing the Binghamton Plaza were not present during today's oral arguments, but they did send two letter arguments before the hearing.

The court is expected to present a final decision on the case on Thursday, May 2nd.