For this week's Teacher of the Week segment sponsored by Springbrook, we highlight Speech-Language Pathologist Tish Guzyk.

As a speech pathologist, Tish Guzyk has been working with preschool kids for 16 years, and she's spent the last four in the Chenango Valley school district at Port Dickinson Elementary.

Helping kids struggling with ADHD or autism, and those with speech issues.

"They are better equipped to meet the demands of their writing lessons and their reading lessons and their math following directions and things like that, and we kind of work on all those basic skills that they need to be successful in all the other subjects," said Guzyk.

Guzyk typically sees around 30 students daily, in small groups of two or three.

She uses interactive lessons and games to help them learn and communicate with others.

Guzyk said, "Working together with our peers, taking turns, asking for things appropriately, everything that has to do with communication and something that I can help kids with."

She loves to be easygoing and relaxed, so the learning becomes fun and feels less like work.

"I like to have my room be a place where they get a little break from having to sit still and focus. We can we can I can make anything that we need to work on fun. So I try to keep things positive and encouraging and make them feel like they're doing a great job," said Guzyk.

As long as they leave more confident than when they came in, she knows she's done her job.