Broome County District Attorney Paul Battisti joined with members of community help organizations to bring attention to Child Abuse Awareness Month.

Child Abuse Prevention Month is recognized in April to call on people to take responsibility and contribute to ensuring a safer future for children.

In 2023, Broome County Social Services provided assessment and protection to over 5,000 children.

Of those, five percent were alleged physical or sexual abuse crimes, and eight were fatalities.

Local officials called on the government to provide state and federal funding to assist victim services.

"Let today be a call to action, a call to action for everybody in our community. Commit or recommit ourselves to the cause of child abuse prevention. Get involved, educate yourself, Foster an open and honest conversation with your children, and assist them in building healthy relationships. Remember, every action you take towards protecting our children can make a significant difference in their lives," said Battisti.