Universal Pre-K teacher Robin Kozak has been teaching at Greene Primary School since 2005, but she's also spent time teaching in Syracuse schools, boces, and in foster homes.

She loves working with young students because it keeps her on her toes. 

"We have rest time. We have lunch and breakfast and lots of learning and center time, which includes lots and lots of playtime," says Kozak.

Keeping things fun and fresh is one way Kozak keeps the kids engaged while learning.

She also teaches the kids manners and respect, something the school makes fun with the help of the Going for the Gold initiative.

"Going for the gold is being respectful and kind to others, talking kindly even in the hallway, in the playground, in the bathroom, even, we say G-C-S goes for the gold," said Kozak.

Along with teaching her kids to be outstanding students, she enjoys the time spent with the young learners each day.

Kozak Says, "My absolute favorite part is just watching the boys and girls come in the classroom. They're full of love and laughter and hugs, and sometimes they might come in with a little sad face and then I try to make them feel better."

Helping raise the future leaders, is a job she wouldn't dream of trading.

"They get so excited and that's such a big thing in their lives. So if I have just a little part in doing that, then I just love it. I'm very blessed and honored to teach preschool and to be a part of Greene Primary School," said Kozak.