Tobacco-free Broome and Tioga set up shop at the Oakdale Commons to host its annual Take Down Tobacco Day event.

Take Down Tobacco Day aims to bring awareness to the tobacco industry's marketing practices, particularly toward young people.

"We hope that they take like the information. So like if people do vape, they can take the information that we give out so they can try to quit," says Gabriella Roerk, a member of the Reality Check Youth Program.

An alarming statistic showing just over 10% of youth have used a vape in the last 30 days.

Students with the reality check youth program organized a table in the commons, full of information, interactive activities, and teaching passersby about the truth behind big tobacco marketing schemes.

"Events like these, not only do they help our reality check youth connect with the community better, but they also give them opportunities to work on public speaking and leadership skills. We're also able to bring back any concerns that we have from community members to our elected officials to be able to bring awareness about the issues that are happening within their community to create change," said Reality Check Coordinator Nikole Hurlbert.