Opening back in 1928, the Chestnut Inn served as a staple resort for thousands in the southern tier. Almost 100 years later, the location is one of more than 300 resorts to be inducted into the Historic Hotels of America. 

"It had been a goal of ours since the acquisition to to bring the property into historic hotels," Owner of Settlers Hospitality Justin Genzlinger said. "So when we found out, I think both the local staff here were, you know, proud of what we've accomplished in less than one year."

To be inducted, a resort must be at least 50 years old and maintain it's historical integrity and architecture. The Chestnut Inn is no stranger to history as it was built entirely out of the now-extinct American chestnut wood, along one of the earliest lakes in the Catskills.

For the first-year owner, Genzlinger knows the historical architecture and features have been a catalyst for success since the opening of the resort. 

"We look at the furnishings, the lighting, the original woodwork, the fireplaces as a means of telling the story of what this property may have been like in the 1920s," Genzlinger said. 

As the inn reaches the century mark this decade, there is one goal in mind to continue expanding. 

"As we reach the roaring 2020s, you know, our job is to add those modern amenities, you know, that the guests want today, but not ignoring the historic features of the inn," Genzlinger said. 

The Chestnut Inn opens up this weekend for the 2024 season.