After months of vacancy and disputes over how the council should fill the seat, the council voted unanimously 6-0 to appoint republican Mike Kosty to fill the 6th District seat vacancy. 

This is coming a few weeks after Broome Supreme Court Judge Joseph McBride issued a ruling stating republican incumbent Phillip Strawn will keep the 6th District seat. 

"Seeing that we had the choice after the lawsuit to pick somebody totally bipartisan," 7th District Chairman Michael Dundon said. "But in following the legalities of the lawsuit, by picking a Republican who lives in the district, we figured it was best to pick somebody that was not part of the lawsuit or the election."

The council says their next step is to begin passing some legislation for the city now that the vacancy is finally filled.  

Kosty says his appointment was unexpected, but says he can bring youth to the city council.

"Just being more in touch with, you know, people my age, the teenagers in the area, so I think I can touch some people there," Kosty said. 

City of Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham released a statement following the appointment, calling the council's action a clear and willful violation of court order. 

Benji Federman, the head of the Broome County Republican, sent a similar statement,  going on to say, "These Democrats would rather break the law and violate a court order than work on behalf of Binghamton residents."

Kraham said he would review the matter with council and take any legal matter necessary.