Our latest Amphenol Aerospace Athletes of the Week come from two different schools, Maine-Endwell and Vestal, but came together on the Valley Eagles Youth Hockey Association to help lift some hardware for the Syracuse-based team.

Brooke Williams and Maisie MacNamee are no strangers to hockey, picking up the sport almost as early as they started school.

"I started playing when I was six," MacNamee said. "I went to a [Binghamton] Devils game and I thought it looked cool. And then I also just thought it was like a cool sport. So I went to like a tryout and I guess I just liked it."

The two played for the Binghamton Blizzard together, but three years ago, Brooke decided to take a leap, joining the Valley Youth Hockey Association 12U Tier One team, the highest level of youth hockey for girls in New York State.

"I played up a year, I was ten playing on 12U," Williams said. "And it was really fun because I got to get better at my skills. I got to get better at shooting, passing and all that. And it was just great because I got to meet some girls that I played with the next year,"

And that next year is when Brooke's former teammate, Maisie, joined the Eagles, a welcomed surprise.

"lt was unexpected for me because she came and I'm like, oh, Maisie's here, yay," Williams said. "Because we played down here on Binghamton together."

A year after the dynamic duo reunited, the Eagles were ready to go on a run.

"It was one of the tournaments that we had, it was up in Buffalo. We won and I'm like, oh, we can actually do this. I'm like really confident, I feel like we can do this state championship," Williams said. "We won our first game, we had a little dinner the next night, and then I was really confident and I'm like, guys, we are going to win this and then said when we win this, not if we win this, I'm like, we are going to."

And Brooke's speech worked! The Eagles ripped through their state competition, getting to the state championship against Skaneateles and that's when some nerves set in.

"It's still such a big thing to even be going," MacNamee said. "But it was just nervous to think about how you could win."

And they did win, throughout the tournament, Brooke scored seven goals while Maisie provided stout defense and found the back of the net once.

Both Maisie and Brooke's season concluded with a state championship and the two plan to continue playing next year on 14U with hopes of playing throughout high school and potentially in college, but wherever they end up, they encourage anyone to get interested in getting involved in the sport...

"I'd say keep going if you love it, look how far it got us," Williams said. "I mean, we fell in love with it [when we were] six and it can get you a long way. So I'd say keep going because you never know where it could take you."

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