With justice on the horizon, the family of Jeffrey Aissa held a vigil in his honor earlier today, 13 years to the date of the tragic arson.

Community members have gathered annually since the murder to share memories and honor Jeffrey's life.

Dozens of observers came for the vigil, led by a speech from former Binghamton mayor Rich David who worked closely with the Aissas since the fire.

This year's vigil comes after the arrest and arraignment of Jeremiah Raub for the crimes last year, with Jeffrey's mother Maureen Aissa saying this year's vigil may just be the last one.

With the chance for closure coming closer and closer, Aissa expressed her gratitude for the community's support over the years.

"I'm just grateful we're at the point we're at. I'm not happy this is why we're here of course, and I just want closure and justice and everything else to follow. Of course, I would definitely want my son back, but that's not going to happen."

Raub's trial is set to take place later this year.