One of Broome County's most infamous eyesores will soon be no more. 

The Red Carpet Inn in West Endicott will be demolished in the coming months after being acquired by the Broome County Land Bank. 

The legislature approved $600,000 in brownfield funds for the Land Bank to purchase the property. 

"This has long been an eyesore in this area of the county and we're really happy that finally, after months and months of work and a partnership between the legislature, the executive and the land bank, that this property is finally going to be torn down," said Aaron Martin, chairman of Land Bank Board of Directors. 

They are planning to publicly bid the demolition and are hopeful it will be done by DSGO in June. There is currently no plan for the land.

"We're working through specifics of what that could potentially look like. But right now we are focused primarily on eliminating the blight that's been here for for decades," Land Bank Executive Director Jessica Haas said. 

Before demolition, there will be environmental testing and asbestos testing.