100 years ago today, it was announced that the new school being proposed for the Seventh Ward will be built on Hawley Street, between Fayette and Stuyvesant Streets.

The superintendent of the Susquehanna Valley Home reports that there are currently 164 children being cared for in the home.

Clara Kimball Young, known to millions of Americans as a leading star of the screen, is in town! She will make her first appearance on the Legitimate Stage tonight at the Stone Opera House.

A heavy team of horses pulling a lumber wagon this morning, became frightened, broke loose and ran away on Front Street, dragging the driver behind them.

Finally, a Johnson City man, who recently robbed $100 from his employer and then disappeared, has been captured and is now on his way back. He was discovered after listing his former employer as a reference on a job application.

And that was the news 100 years ago.