Over $123 million...That's how much sports betting brought in for the Super Bowl in 2023 in New York State. At Tioga Downs Casino Resort, Super Bowl Sunday is the busiest day of the year for sports betting. 

Since partnering with FanDuel in 2019, Tioga Downs Casino Resort sees hundreds of people place wagers on the big game every year. 

"We knew that obviously the Super Bowl was always going to be a big draw just because you do have the average person that maybe doesn't place any wagers on any other sports, they say 'You know, when it comes time for the Super Bowl?' Director of Marketing at Tioga Downs Casino Resort Jim Weed said. 

Parlays and prop bets are very common amongst sports bettors on Super Bowl Sunday. For those who watch the game at the casino, Tioga Downs sees a good amount of in-person bets as well.

But Weed says there is one type of bet that always remains the most popular amongst bettors. 

"Most popular bets are typically just the overall outcome, and you know, which team might win by how many points," Weed said. 

Since sports betting was legalized across all 50 states back in 2018, Americans have bet over $200 billion on sports betting, since last reported in 2023. 

"This is nationwide, not just here. You're just seeing that the sports wagering has really picked up immensely," Weed said. "We do see it on this property as well. It's a trickle-down effect."

Weed also says the casino expects another busy Super Bowl Sunday this upcoming weekend.