On Thursday, February 8, hundreds of Binghamton University students honored Omer Neutra, a Long Island man who was accepted into Binghamton University. 

Neutra deferred to take a gap year over in Israel, where he was serving in the Israeli army. However, on October 7, Neutra was captured and taken hostage by Hamas. 

To honor of Neutra and his love for basketball, 150 seats in the Binghamton University Events Center were reserved and t-shirts were handed out to support the cause. 

Neutra's father Ronen and some friends spoke to the crowd before the game, spreading the message to bring Neutra and the hostages back home. 

"This is not a political issue. 136 people were taking out of the beds, some of them young babies, some of them are elderly. They were taken out of the beds and they need to get back to their home," Neutra said. "It's a humanitarian issue that must be addressed. It's against any international laws and those people need to get home."

Neutra is traveling to Israel this Monday to put pressure on Hamas to release the hostages.