The Water Street Brewing Company, a business with quality food and good brewed beers announced in January that they would be closing their doors shortly. 

This announcement brought customers from around the area like Patrick Doyle to come and enjoy final meals at the restaurant and reflect on the history when it first opened back in 2011.

"Back when Jon and Michele (Bleichert) opened it they would actually run out of beer," said Doyle. "We are charter members".

With the change of ownership in 2019, it also would change its menu, allowing to experiment with different kinds of beers. Doyle says that this helped business.

"That is what keeps people coming back," said Doyle. "When you have different kinds of brew and the food has always been excellent".

Furthermore the brewery is selling their glasses for customers to purchase to take home one piece of a local favorite bar before it closes its doors permanently this weekend.

The owner of the Water Street Brewing Company told a FOX 40 reporter that Saturday, February 3 will be the last day of business. They also said hours will remain the same from 4 P.M. to 10 P.M. and that the beer and food variety will be limited.