Sharon Bryant is the associate director of the Harriet Tubman Center for the Study of Freedom and Equity and she is also the associate dean for diversity, equity, and inclusion at the Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences. 

She's worked at the university for 30 years and has been with the Harriet Tubman Center since its start almost 5 years ago.

She's been a part of important events on campus dealing with diversity, including a truth and reconciliation process, allowing students to speak up on issues around the campus.

"It was really nice because everyone who came with an item, they talked about their love for the university and for wanting it to be a much better place and and for us to consider addressing the particular issue that they had. They also gave us some solutions," said Bryant.

One impact coming soon to the community, the building of a Harriet Tubman statue near Confluence Park, along with a freedom trail.

"From the statue, you can look down and see Martin Luther King. It's as if she is passing the baton to Martin Luther King and we're saying both of them are passing the baton to each of us, as we visit and finish the trail, and figure out what is our role in freedom and equity," said Bryant.

The trail includes 13 locations throughout Binghamton, each with a plaque commemorating the locations historical importance in black history.

The trail and statue will debut on March 12th, showcasing a design made by one of five artists, and chosen by the people. Over 700 votes were cast for a design.

Bryant hopes this will be one small part of the large impact the Tubman Center continues to make on the community.

Bryant goes on to say, "I see a part of my mission is paying back the people who paved the way for me and providing a new future for many of our students."