Set to open in the upcoming few weeks, UHS Child Care offers low-cost services to local families and employees. 

"Many families struggle with the availability of child care, the cost of childcare, and UHS just wants to remove that barrier for their employees," Center Director at UHS Child Care Maureen Mecca said. 

The center is fit to hold 82 students, featuring seven classrooms made for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten prep.

The curriculum, called "World at Their Fingertips", is made to help students focus on their main interests and passions. If a child is interested in a certain topic, the curriculum is built so that subject is a part of what the student will learn. 

Mecca says students will be able to think for themselves while also providing themselves with answers to their questions. 

"What that could look like is a child is outside and asked, do plants drink water? Well, that's what we can do that day. We can bring in plants, we can talk about precipitation, we can talk about the life cycle of plants," Mecca said.