Our latest Amphenol Aerospace Athlete of the Week is Sidney's Ava Cirigliano. Ava is one of the best basketball players in the MAC and all of Section IV, but when she graduates later this year, her legacy at the school will be far greater than just her accomplishments on the court.

If you've been to a Sidney basketball game, you can't miss her, Ava Cirigliano stands head and shoulders above the competition, literally, the Sidney Senior stands at six feet tall...

"When I watched her play in eighth grade," said Sidney head coach Don Pierce. "Her size, she was definitely taller than everybody."

And despite her size, Cirigliano actually runs point.

"So I'm asking her to do a lot more than she really should because she's not a point guard," Pierce said. "But she can do the job for me if need to be done."

 And when she isn't commanding the floor, she's dominating in the post...

"I love playing point guard for her," said junior guard Bella West "Because I can always throw the ball and she'll always catch it."

And if her versatility on the court isn't enough, Ava is a four-sport Athlete. The Saber plays softball, field hockey and even badminton, but her favorite among the four?

"Definitely basketball," Cirigliano said. "People I've met throughout the seasons and also continuing to grow in my game as well [is my favorite part]."

Growth that's shown not just in her numbers, posting nearly 20 points a game, but in her leadership as well.

"Just as a leader, I push the team and try my hardest," Cirigliano said. "And help others play their hardest as well."

Even hosting team dinners and boosting morale the one way she knows how.

"She bakes us stuff and she'll bring it in for practice," West said. "And I get so happy"

Just one part of a lasting legacy that Ava Cirigliano will have as a Sidney Saber.

"Head and shoulders, I've coached boys, I've coached girls, and probably in my 35 years, she's one of the best kids that I've coached," Pierce said. "I get emotional talking about her, but she's just a great kid."

Cirigliano is planning to play collegiate basketball and field hockey and is currently uncommitted. 

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