Congressman Marc Molinaro stopping by the Southern Tier today, pushing for the passage of the LEAPS Act. 

The representative took of a tour of National Pipe and Plastics in Endicott before speaking on the importance of the act. 

The LEAPS Act would require farmers be made aware of energy efficient pumping systems that would save them money, energy, water and reduce carbon emissions.

Molinaro says pipes like the ones made by National Pipe and Plastics are estimated to save $1.8 billion in energy costs, reduce carbon emissions by 8.3 million tons and save 22 billion kilowatt hours of energy per year. 

"Farmers are up against some of the most difficult challenges environmentally and from a regulatory perspective, and they know what they need to thrive and survive. So what we want is for them to know that there are systems out there and ultimately that the USDA supports making available those opportunities to make sensible and efficient switches," he explained. 

The congressman is pushing for the LEAPS Act to be included in the Farm Bill, which he held listening sessions for last spring.