Over $38 million in funding coming from Governor Hochul and the federal government for the revitalization of the Binghamton Airport which will see it renovated from the inside out.

Changes are coming to Airport Road approach, a new canopy and entry portals will be constructed, the lobby, baggage areas and car rental counters will be reconfigured and remodeled.

There will also be a new Customs and Border Control facility. 

This project is expected to transform not just the airport but the community.

"The renovations that are happening here at this airport, the positive effects of it aren't just going to be seen and felt here at the airport, but it has a ripple effect for our economy, for the livelihood of everyone, not just here in the Southern Tier, not just in our state, but in our country as well," said State Senator Lea Webb.

For the first time in Broome County, a project labor agreement was reached with the local trades working on the project. 

That's not the only collaboration, state and federal officials meeting to discuss the future of the airport and what it means for the area. 

The commissioner of the state DOT said this work in not only an investment in BGM, but also the economy. 

"When we talk about aviation, investment in aviation across the board and especially in New York State, is an investment in our economic development and when we have the opportunity to actually put all these pieces together and drive the economy forward, it's a real game changer," said Marie Therese Dominguez.

The almost $48 million project is expected to create more than 500 jobs. Officials say they're on track for the work to be done by the end of quarter one 2025.