Announced earlier this week, Whitney Point School District is one of 44 New York State school districts to receive funding from the state education departments recent $69.3 million stronger connections grant. 

Receiving $1.7 million from the grant, Whitney Point is focusing on dropout prevention for the district's middle and high schools.

Hoping to make students more engaged and successful in school, the schools will be introducing new services to help them, including peer counseling programs, academic tutors, and goal-setting sessions. 

These funds are a part of a three-year grant, in which the school is only in the first year. 

"It's a challenge sometimes to get adolescents engaged in school, for them to figure out why it's important to get an education, to help themselves envision what they will do in their future. And as schools, we know that. But what happens is that we end up being very busy dealing with issues and problems and being very sort of reactionary and dealing with problems after they happen," Whitney Point Superintendent Joann Sexton said. "Our hope is that having these extra resources and the extra personnel that will be able to be much more proactive and engage with students and have the Student Success Center have students part of it"