A former Delaware Academy teacher has pleaded guilty to two counts of Official Misconduct by a Public Servant.

According to the Delaware County District Attorney, Benjamin Moyse of Delhi was charged in January 2023 with intentionally aiding a person under the age of 16 to possess and disseminate child pornography and that he failed to follow Delaware Academy's policy and procedures when multiple students and parents repeatedly reported to him that students were being sexually abused. In all, he faced an 11-count indictment.

On Monday, Moyse pleaded guilty to two counts of Officials Misconduct by a Public Servant and as part of the guilty plea, he was required to describe his violation of the law in his own words. Moyse admitted in court to failing to report sexual abuse allegations against two of his students as required by his position a New York State teacher.

The D.A. says the students then reported the abuse to their parents, who alerted authorities.

Moyse was sentenced to a conditional charge of one year for each count. Separate proceedings by the New York State Department of Education, Office of School Personnel Review and Accountability are pending.

Moyse's convictions will result in him losing his teaching license in New York State.