A big day in Johnson City! The school district unveiled the first electric school bus in their fleet and in the area. 

JCSD sees this as a big leap forward. 

"The introduction of this electric bus not only symbolizes our dedication to embracing new technologies but also underscores our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and creating a greener, healthier, healthier environment for generations to come," said Assistant Superintendent for Administration, Elisa Eaton. 

Voters in the district approved the bus through two propositions. 

Eaton says they're looking at grants so the cost of the bus wouldn't be more than what taxpayers would see for a diesel bus. 

It weighs about the same as a normal bus, uses the same braking system and there's no need for bus drivers to get a different certification to operate it. 

For students, they're excited to ride. 

"I think that this electric vehicle, this bus provides a unique opportunity for students to maybe learn or see career opportunities that could be related to electric vehicles and new technology is in the field that are local in Broome County," junior Anthony Mazzatti commented. 

A representative from Leonard Bus Sales says the six batteries in the bus will outlive the bus. There is some degradation of the batteries over time but they work with the districts ahead of time to make sure the buses will work for their routes. 

Eaton added that the district is looking at using grants for any additional costs. 

"There are opportunities to use that grant money to pay for the chargers and the installation and the changes that need to happen in order to put those charging stations into our transportation complex."

The district has another electric bus that was approved last year that they're hoping to add this spring.