We're not sure there's any better feeling in basketball than hitting a game-winner, for our latest Amphenol Aerospace Athlete of the Week, we head out to Whitney Point where Owen Standish-Warpus put the Golden Eagles over the hump a week ago.

The Chenango Valley Christmas tournament is a familiar place for the Whitney Point Golden Eagles.

"We've been in that tournament for a couple of years," said Whitney Point head coach Steve Morgan. "And haven't been able to beat Chenango Valley."

Last year, losing to CV by 18 in the Championship game.

"We definitely had determination coming in," Standish-Warpus said.

This year, coming out on fire, going out to a 21-3 lead before the Warriors got their way back into the contest. Ultimately coming down to the last few minutes where each team was firing shots from deep.

"Really just showing who we are and that we can all play together and go in and win it," said senior guard/forward Garrett Priscott.

The home team would be the first to hit a dagger, drilling a three with 30 seconds left in the game to take a two-point lead.

"I've been in this circumstance plenty of times in my life," Standish-Warpus said. "I've failed many times and then eventually I'll come by too to succeed."

And with 16 seconds on the clock, everyone in the gym knew where the ball was going.

"I came out of the timeout with a decent inbounds play and it kind of fell apart right there," Priscott said. "So like I always do, I just looked to get it in [Owen's] hands and let him make something happen."

With the clock ticking, Owen was supposed to drive towards the bucket, but...

"They were certainly expecting him to drive at that point," Morgan said. "The defense was kind of loaded up in the paint."

So the senior point guard made an audible.

"I had the shot, so I just took it and just the feeling was there and I just let it rip," Standish-Warpus said.

Drilling the three, to regain the lead with less than 10 seconds to go.

"I inbound it up, watched it go up, and I knew it was going in once it left his hand," Priscott said.

The Eagles halted a potential game-winner and walked out of the CV tournament, as champions for the first time.

"There's no better feeling than I saw that go in," Standish-Warpus said. "And I'm like, It's just like a breath of fresh air. And it was definitely my favorite [memory playing basketball]."