With Thanksgiving in the rear-view mirror, the holiday season is quickly approaching as today is Black Friday. The day is normally known for great deals and low prices at stores but for the Children's Charity of Greater Binghamton, it's an even more special day being Give Back Friday where the group receives toy donations for kids in the area who may not be able to receive many presents.

Vice President of the Children's Charity of Greater Binghamton Katie Carpenter says "It feels really great that we're able to, you know, be with them. Friday to get back Friday. Just change that mentality that we really want to give back to our community and it just makes us feel great. And you know, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we're just so thankful for our community".

Give Back Friday started 16 years ago and each year has grown bigger and bigger with donations this year filling the truck in the first hour! So what is it like for the charity to see the growth each year?

"So it started actually at one of our board members, which is House. It was just a party that they would have on the Friday after Thanksgiving, or people would bring a toy donation and they would donate to Toys for Tots. So it started off pretty small. And then once we became a formal charity, that's Binghamton, That's when we started to do party, and then we added the raffle. And just every year has gotten bigger and bigger since that time" said Carpenter.

With the turnout this year being so large despite economic struggles for many all the group could say was...

"We're just really blown away by that and very grateful".

Along with the toy drive the Mirabito gas station across the parkway from the Target Plaza has taken 40 cents off per gallon of gas in partnership with the Children's Charity of Greater Binghamton.