The holiday season is right around the corner and Animal Adventure wasted no time getting into the holiday spirit. Today they opened their annual Jungle Bells Lights Festival. This year they went all out for the spectacle.

“Jungle Bells is a huge production. Decorating begins in September. It takes months to hang 1.5, if not more million lights to go off the Jungle Bells production.” Said Animal Adventure owner Jordan Patch.

Jungle Bells began 4 years ago in 2019 and since then has become a popular attraction drawing in people from all around the globe.

“Each year, Jungle Bells increases in attendance, and we have people at this point now asking when is it going to be opening? Do we have to get tickets in advance? It's really drawing in people, not just from our local community. We have guests who travel internationally to come to Jungle Bells” Said Patch.

The event has become a Broome County favorite, but what made owner Jordan Patch decide to host Jungle Bells?

Patch says, “when we moved Jungle Bells to Animal Adventure and lit up the park, it was in hopes to really start a new tradition for families in our area. And that's exactly what it's done in my family included. Every year we have our sets, set dates that we come, we enjoy the lights, we meet with Santa and enjoy the experience.”

Jungle Bells runs Thursdays through Sundays, through November and December. The last day this year will be December 30th.