Singer and songwriter Jared Campbell has been a member of the Vestal community his whole life.

Growing up in Vestal, Campbell knows his way around town pretty well. But when the news of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree broke, the hometown singer and songwriter came to a realization.  

"As soon as I found out about it, I realized where the tree was and realized that that's a tree that I drove by my entire life almost daily. And I never even knew it was there," Campbell said. 

Upon hearing the news, Campbell immediately called his producer in Nashville and told him that he wanted to write a song about the tree. 

Calling it "The Tree", Campbell wrote the song in record time, taking him only 30 minutes. Campbell says the theme of the song is seeing value in yourself. 

"The whole song is like an idea of kind of the way life works sometimes," Campbell said. "You know, there are struggles in life that I think everybody goes through and embracing those struggles and allowing them to kind of shape what your future looks."

The singer says he was inspired by the thousands of students he has performed in front of, saying he has taken time to speak with them about those struggles in life. 

"The Tree" is set to release on streaming platforms this upcoming Thursday, November 23rd. 

If you're looking to check out the music video, click here