On Saturday, November 18th, Union-Endicott Central School District hosted its third annual Harvest Fest at Union-Endicott High School.

Over 1,000 local patrons were in attendance for the festival, enjoying an afternoon full of carnival games, raffles, and food trucks. 

Interacting with all different families at the festival, 50 different agencies from the community were in attendance at Harvest Fest, including Southern Tier Community Center, Molina Healthcare, and the Boy and Girl Scouts. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director of Union-Endicott High School Chris Murdock says these events help bring the school district closer to its goals. 

"One of our major goals was to make the school district the hub of the community and through Harvest and Spring Fest. This is one step closer to doing that," Murdock said.

Over 50 students volunteered their time on Saturday to help out with the festivals. Students helped out with face painting, handed out prizes, and represented their clubs and organizations.

Union-Endicott High School senior Collin Losinger is a member of the high school's swimming and diving team. The team is hopping they can possibly draw interest in new members for the team. 

"That's the goal... That's one of the things our Learn to Swim program is doing. It's trying to convince kids to join up and it's kind of have a lot of fun with us," Losinger said.