The hometown heroes banner committee voted on the first banners, which went up today along the Bevier Street Bridge.

10 banners were chosen in the first round of candidates, representing veterans from as early as the civil war, to veterans who were a part of the more recent global war against terrorism.

The Binghamton Vet Center is at the head of this new initiative, which will be officially announced on Thursday, November 9th, at the Veterans Memorial Arena.

"It's very gratifying to see that we're finally recognizing some of our local hometown heroes. But again, this is just the beginning", says Lt. Colonel Cornell A. Morris, CEO of Binghamton Vet Center.

Over 30 applications have already been sent to the Binghamton Vet Center from families of veterans.

"If you have a family member, if you're a veteran, if you've served or you have a family member--brother, sister, cousin, grandfather, or grandmother who served, please get in touch with the hometown hero banner committee. We'd love to get your application so that when we start up in the next round of posting banners, you'll be one of them", said Morris.

If you are looking to submit an application, you can go to the website here.