Fox 40 is honoring teachers and staff in the community who go above and beyond for their students, and their school. The Fox 40 Teacher of the Week brought to you by Springbrook. 

This week we stopped in Tioga County where one band teacher is bringing a modern edge into her music room. 

Lindsey Williams is a 17 year band teacher at Owego Free Academy, and she knows how to keep her students engaged in concert band. 

They're learning a commission piece, titled "Steampunk Guardian", composed by Endicott native, Chris Bill. Williams says it's a way to get her students to connect with the music their playing. 

"We want the concert band world to use musical vocabulary that we all hear on the radio, so that it feels like it’s our music.”

It's this type of mindset that keeps her students inspired. 

"So I was recommended by Mrs. Williams for American Music Abroad, and we toured for two and a half weeks across half of Europe," said senior Tobbe Welty. "My abilities given to me and flourished out by by Mrs. Williams would not have possible. It was kind of like all thanks to her that I was able to do that, given the skills and given the recommendation for that."

But it's not just Mrs. Williams mindset, it's how she interacts with her students.

"I definitely think that we teach who we are and I try to be everything that my students need. And so if that means that I need to learn something new for the next class, I'm really excited to do that. One of the reasons I love being a teacher is this is a place of learning. And it’s not just for the students, but for the teachers as well."

If you'd like to hear the concert band play "Steampunk Guardian", the concert is on November 20.

Congratulations Mrs. Williams!